The Holly One brings Because of Money

08f65c4513f96c192f1065f2600760e9_LOne could easily recall the themes of true love in stories such as Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare, The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and back home in Ghana, Kwaw Ansah’s Love Brewed in the African Pot.

These themes reflected the role of love in the days when a poor person could find true love in a very wealthy person of a higher social class or status.

But with the changing scenes of time and especially among the youth in Ghana today, it is quite normal to love but love may not be all it takes to make a relationship rock and this is what new hiplife artiste, The Holly One, talks about on his new song, Because of Money.

On the song, The Holly One, born, Prince Akortsu, talks about the travails of a poor guy who fell in love with a lady who believes in “odo kakra, sika kakra” concept of relationship. To prove his love for the lady, he travels to work hard to improve his financial situation.

After succeeding, he returns to his love and in trying to court her back, explains that all he did was “Because of Money”.

Though he recently released the song, it has caught up fast with many young folks because it tells the story that many young people identify with nowadays.

The Hodzo-Aviefe native’s belief is that, love matters but it was equally important to work hard in order to enjoy the full benefits that an amorous relationship brings.

His role model, he said, is Obrafour remarking, “Obrafour makes songs that one can easily relate to in real life”.

Currently signed to Classic Hitz Entertainment, The Holly One believes Ghanaian hiplife artistes can make real impact if they composed songs that people could easily relate to rather than “clothing nonsense in rhythm”.

The Holly one who started singing at age nine has been an underground artiste for many years and believes the time is now for him to shine with his talent.
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