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Video- We’re Tired, Ghanaians Deserve Better- Youth Reactions On Fix The Country Demonstration

Founders’ day celebration 4th August 2021 witnessed the much-awaited fix the country demonstration on the streets of Accra as concerned youth were unhappy with the state of the country. After a peaceful and successful demonstration, Edward Blagogee of Blagogee.com spoke to some youth at Circle a suburb of Accra as ...

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Video: 29 Years Of Barbering Ghanaian Blogger Mother Shares Story

 “What a man can do a woman can do better,” goes a popular saying. This is the story of Dora Portuphy, who has shared her experiences in the male-dominated vocation of barbering. Portuphy is the biological mother of Ghanaian blogger Edward Blagogee of Blagogee.com. On Friday 17th April 2020, during ...

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