Samsung QLED 8K TV Improves Real Game Enhancer+ For Gamers

For as cool as GHC79,999, the Samsung QLED 8K Television has improved and added a Real Game Enhancer+ for game lovers.

Real Game Enhancer+ will witness gamers experience gaming on big screens with Samsung QLED 8K Television.

Boasting high-resolution visuals with a high 120Hz refresh rate coupled with Quantum Dot Technology for 100% Real Colour, the Samsung QLED 8K TVs adds detail and realism to virtually any game.

These next-generation Samsung 8K QLED TVs utilise AI technology to offer an adaptive screen experience that automatically adjusts brightness levels to deliver picture-perfect definition with distinctive detail, making it easier to identify objects and enemies in dark scenes at any time of the day.

A game’s soundtrack can make or break a game, and horror games are the best genre to highlight it. With the cinematic Object Tracking Sound +[5] (OTS+) feature, sounds travel dynamically as it follows an object’s movement around the screen, allowing you to react quicker and avoid being maimed by some unspeakable terror in-game.

With the aid of a Game console like XBOX, Playstation 5, PS4 runs faster and smoother.

Samsung’s QLED TVs come in 32, 43, 49, 55, 65, 75, 82, 85 and 98-inch sizes.

Easter is almost here enjoy, Samsung 8K QLED with great picture quality, bezel-free sound quality at any Samsung Shop near you or locate their office at the Ring Road and Samsung Electroland at Spintex.

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