Samsung QLED 8K & 4K TV Music Video Director Shares His Take

A series of writeups have been shared via on the Samsung QLED 8K & 4K Television as music video director shares their take on the brand.

The new brand by Samsung on their 2019 8K QLED Samsung has seen some video director shared how it has shaped in working on their music video on their editing bench.

A music video director known for shooting a great music video for artists including [Sarkodie, EL, Shatta Wale, et al] in Ghana believes the television [8K and 4k QLED Samsung] is a topnotch brand and wish to acquire one.

Known in real life as Director Hafiz, confirmed that the television has this smooth quality, topnotch picture quality, good sound quality among others.

He added that, both brand 4k and 8k QLED Samsung TV have their own varieties and what depends is customers and their money.


8K is a higher resolution standard than 4K, quadrupling the total number of pixels just like 4K did with 1080p. 8K is 7,680 by 4,320 resolution or approximately 8,000 horizontal pixels. … 4K is also referred to as ultra-high-definition or UHD, so 8K might eventually get its own descriptor at some point.

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