Samsung 8K QLED Brings Quality Music Video

Music video quality today what’s your take on it and how best has it improve topnotch music video in Ghana.

21st century has welcomed Samsung 8k QLED TV as many homes who have the opportunity to patronize the brand believes the picture quality, video, colour correction, sound is something to talk about.

Watching a movie via NETFLIX and watching your favourite music video on the Ghanaian channel dubbed “4syte TV’ gives you nothing but a top view with smooth transitions on the screens.

A visit to a friend’s house witnessed how elated he was when he had the opportunity to watch a 4k QLED TV and gave an amazing review after enjoying great music videos on the 4k screens.

One of the key highlights of the new TVs is 8K AI Upscaling powered by the Quantum Processor 8K, which ensures that whether a user is watching content through HDMI, USB or even a set-top box, the content will be upscaled in 8K resolution regardless of the native resolution.

So that’s the magic of this TV, as we don’t even have much 8K content available, but the TV can simply transform content to 8K resolution irrespective of their original resolution, to deliver improved brightness, optimized sound, and better overall output.

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