Photos: Very Patriotic – Samini And The Ghanaian Flag

A flag is a symbolic object used to represent groups, sects, countries, and organizations around the world. One has to have a certain belief in its symbolism to claim it’s importance.

On the other hand, Flag-raising ceremonies are carried out also at salutes and festivities to represent the significance of that flag all around the world.

6th March, as we all know is Ghana’s Independence Day which is celebrated by Ghanaians home and abroad to show their patriotism and national pride- something that Ghanaians are well noted for, the world over.

To add more colour to it, Ghana’s celebrated Music Legend Samini attended a flag-raising ceremony organized by the Ghanaian-Canadian Association of Calgary to show his patriotism to his country. [See video below].

There is something about Samini and the Ghana flag. Symbolically, Since he started his career, Samini has the Ghana flag with him, either aloft in the hand of a flagman or fixed somewhere on stage anytime he performs.

That is patriotism to the highest degree especially at a time that the Ghanaian Ministry of Tourism has initiated “#BeyondTheReturn”, a continuation to the very successful “#YearOfReturn initiative that brought over a million diasporans to Ghana in 2019. We celebrate Samini for his sense of pride as a Son of the Motherland today. Let us take you down memory lane with a little history about Samini and The Ghana Flag.

In Ghana, we do not see that done by any Artist on Stage but Samini. They usually have flags of their Fanbases aloft during performances. A close observer can attest to that. I stand to be corrected though.

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