New 2020 Samsung 8k QLED TV With Bezel-Free Sound Quality and Topnotch Picture Quality

2020 Samsung 8k QLED

Technology giant, Samsung Electronics on 18th February 2021, unveiled the much-awaited 2020 Samsung 8k QLED TV  and Samsung frame television with topnotch picture quality and Bezel-free sound quality. 

Samsung electronics in their latest QLED 8k television continue to upgrade their sound quality and picture quality to suite customers who continue to patronise their electronic gadget for consumption.

The new Samsung 8K QLED TV set, even though most customers or patrons continue to view their content in 4K, Samsung has upgraded it scale to 8k were in future when 8k content is patronised, patrons who have acquired these television set can enjoy their Samsung QLED  8k content with easiness. 

The 8K QLED TV has a well-built sound dubbed bezel-free surrounded at the 4sides of the television set. This bezel-free sound in the Samsung 8K QLED removes any distraction to allow patrons or consumers to enjoy their content.

Bezel-free Samsung QLED 8K

The unprecedented sound quality will allow consumers to experience powerful 6 speakers from Top, Bottoms, and sides. 

Samsung QLED 8K has added “Active Voice Amplifier” AVA where consumers or patrons get to watch movies or any content of their choice seamlessly over the distracting ambient noise around.  The AVA will intelligently detect and compensate the sound TV by specifically amplifying the voice and the speech volume. 

Active Voice Amplifier

As the market leader brand in Ghana and beyond, Samsung QLED 8K television has also added innovative picture quality to make viewing exciting with family and friends.

The Quantum HDR brings out the brightness of colors and crispness revealing hidden details when watching horror or terror movies.

Four times improved resolution from Full HD – 2.0mega pixels 4K -8.0 mega pixels, the Samsung’s Real 8K Resolution loves bigger screens even with 33.0 mega pixels for exciting experience.

unveiling of Samsung 8k qled

Although Samsung Television has already outdoors their 4K television set doing great in the market with massive patronage, the 4K to 8K resolution has introduced advanced AI upscaling, resulting in the QLED’s brightest and vibrant colors. Were if the material is not filmed in 8K resolution, it can be upscaled to experience vivid colours.

The Samsung 8K QLED, has a Quantum Processor 8K that comprises of Adaptive Picture, Adaptive Sound, AI Upscaling, and Active Sound Amplifier were Quantum Processor is an artificial intelligence engine developed by Samsung built for 30years and it automatically adapts to give consumers the best sound and picture to fit any environment (eco-system).

The 2020 Samsung 8K QLED, has a feature dubbed “Direct Full Array” where the Direct Full Array makes sure it controls light zones work independently to remove dark scene becoming All dark and bright scene All bright. For example – watching a movie with moonlight the direct full array ensures precise contrast. 

Customers won’t be perturb as the leading electronic company Samsung 8K QLED  has introduced “One Invisible Connection & No Cap Wall Mount” were No Cap Wall Mount  will aid in mounting the 8K QLED Television set with easiness. While One Invisible Cable serves as multiple devices connecting to the TV such as power cable, HDMI cable and USB cable etc. 

I believe many patrons and consumers of Samsung electronic product will rush out in their numbers to patronize the new Samsung 8K QLED and enjoy great picture quality, bezel-free sound quality. 

Patronize the Samsung 8K QLED television set at Samsung shops, or at Electroland Ghana, located at Spintex and also at Ring Road for a cool ¢79,999.

Unveiling Of the Samsung 8K QLED TV

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