#MustWatch: Abandon Fort Amsterdam by Michael Kunke

Cinematographer and film maker Michael Kunke, over the years has unleashed scores of drone videos which has been warmly welcomed on social media platforms.

The introduction of drone has seen numerous of drone lovers flying their drones at particular locations.

Michael Kunke who believes in promotion of tourism in Ghana took to the streets of Abandze in The Central Region of Ghana with his 3DR Solo to take a birds eye view of the abandoned Fort Amsterdam.

Giving a brief history about Fort Amsterdam on his social media (Facebook).

“Fort Amsterdam is a fort in Kormantin, Central region, Ghana. It was built by the English between 1638 and 1645 as Fort Cormantin or Fort Courmantyne, and was captured by admiral Engel de Ruyter of the Dutch West India Company in 1665. It was subsequently made part of the Dutch Gold Coast, and remained part of it until the fort was traded with the British in 1868. The Fort is located at Abandze on the north-east of Cape Coast in the Central Region of Ghana.”

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