Illuminati sign in Bisa Kdei’s ‘JWE’ music video

bisaVGMA Hi-life artiste of the year Bisa Kdei has released the video of his latest song “JWE”, watching the video one thing that caught my attention is the Illuminati triangle and all seeing eye that was flashed in it.

The video which was directed by Sky Face had beautiful scenes which depicted the story lines in the song. Choreography, lighting and camera works in the video were all exceptional.

The only part which looked a bit confusing was the scene which had the smoke effect, red, gold ,green lights and the Illuminati all seeing eye placed in the middle, the scene also has Bisa’s image in it.

What was the essence of flashing that sign and creating the triangular shape? Could it be that this is a publicity stunt to create buzz for the music video? Or it could mean otherwise? These are few questions on the minds of people.

Source: Nii Ayi Mensah Lartey

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