Edem Fairre Hosts Event Update on TopTV

edem-faire1 edem-faire5Edem Fairre is a top Model in Ghana who started off her career 2 years ago. The beautiful, intelligent, eloquent and engaging young lady is very ambitious. At age 23, though quite new to the modeling industry she has been able to break boundaries like no other model in her league. From runway shows, screen and bill board commercials as well as featuring in movies, she always makes her mark.

It comes as no surprise to many as she recently landed a deal as Host for the Television programme Event Update; an Event calendar programme on Top TV with contents on Special upcoming social, religious and corporate Events. Showing, Weekdays at 1:00pm.

Another interesting aspect of the programme is the ‘Cinema Pick Of The Week’ where few minutes of the programme is dedicated to showing a trailer of the movie of the week from the Cinemas. With rich Content, detailed Packaging and excellent Delivery of the Event guide programme, viewership and stake holders are increasing by the day.

Do you have an Event coming up and wish to reach your target patrons? Event Update has affordable packages to help you. Contact Event Update on…

Facebook and instagram @Event update

Or call the official line on +233244028599

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