Contemporary & Indigenous Artist Set To Benefit From Samsung Frame TV

Leading technology giant, Samsung Electronics has unveiled its state-of-the-art television christened “Samsung Frame Television”. 

This Samsung Frame Television will witness Ghanaian artists [contemporary and indigenous] artists exhibit their God-given talent to benefit from  Samsung frame Television were they are going to create and sell their artworks.

Benjamin Afrifa, Product Manager at Samsung Electronics, revealed that a paid subscription to Samsung’s art store ($5 per month) gives you access to all 1,400 pieces of artwork.

Benjamin Afrifa, Product Manager at Samsung Electronics

He added that Samsung Frame Television has created an App Store where Ghanaian artists can register and place their artworks of interest on the app to create revenue for themselves.

This initiative was unveiled on February 18th 2021 at the launch of Samsung 8K QLED & Samsung Frame TV.

The Samsung Frame TV consumers are going to witness a new technology era were your Samsung Frame TV will match the beauty of your room, as sources of therapy. 

Patrons of Samsung products who will patronize the new Samsung Frame TV will describe it as an art work on the wall until Samsung sales team reveals to the customer that it’s a television and serves as multipurpose. 

The new Samsung Frame TV allow consumers to customize their own frame on the TV set even though when bought Samsung will provided you with frame that comes in four basic colors including beige, brown, white and Black. 

With Samsung Frame TV, anyone can detach the frame easily and replace it effortlessly just with a click sound as the edges of detached frames are made with the Magnet.

The Frame TV also has the “No gap Wall-Mount & One Invisible Connection”. Thanks to Samsung Frame Tv, “No gap Wall-Mount” has no gap between the TV and the wall so it seems there is a real frame on the wall.

On the other hand, “One Invisible Connection” also serves where messy wires connected to the TV are hidden inside a thin and clear all-in-one cable. With One Invisible Connection which secretly connects your TV and One Connect Box, you can make your place clean and neat.

Samsung Frame TV also has features that is of the same as the  Samsung 8K QLED TV. These features includes; Adaptive Picture, AI Upscaling, Active Voice Amplifier. 

The Active Voice Amplifier for Samsung Frame Tv, it serves as the whenever any interfering noise takes place while watching TV, Active Voice Amplifier feature is automatically activated.

Also, the AVA provides a highly immersive viewing environment with a clear delivery of lines by enhancing human voices in the scene against unexpected noises.

Samsung Frame TV has an internal storage capacity of 6GB from 500MB  and a 24.9mm thick size.

Arts enthusiasts, loyal customers kindly rush for your new Samsung Frame TV at all Samsung Electroland branches at Ring Road and Spintex to enhance your room with great arts, and viewing experience. 

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