Yvonne Nelson’s Billboard Destroyed By Unknown Persons

Latest attacks on Yvonne Nelson has been carried out on billboard for her most anticipated movie Sincity, which is set to premiere on Val’s Day.

 Unknown person who are definitely not happy with the actress movie premiere pulled down one of the billboards that has been mounted at Shiashi in Accra.

 The billboard has been there for weeks but it  is no where to be found on Saturday as  it has been torn apart. 

 It is believed that the assailants have taken the unfortunate action on Friday night as according to Yvonne the billboard was there on Wednesday and Thursday when she used that stretch of the road.

It is currently not clear who is behind the destruction of the actress’ billboard, but fingers are being pointed at some movie industry stakeholders including those who are having similar events as Yvonne Nelson on Val’s Day.

 Sincity is premiering at the Silverbird Cinemas at Accra Mall. It is Yvonne’s first feature movie in three years and the premiere is anticipated to be bigger. However some persons don’t want to thwart her effort.

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