What Do We See In Our Celebrities… – Kwasiey Pee

Ghanaian highlife musician popularly known as Kwasiey Pee has revealed that he’s not a celebrities. 

The rapper made this known in an interview with host  KMJ on Accra-based Hitz Fm.

According to him: there are no celebaties in Ghana IN MY VIEW: lots of people refer to me as unfriendly or rude but that’s not the case, I am a guy who loves been laid back or you can call me reserved.I grew up a quit person.

He continued that: I am very jovial and i love to hang out a lot, if you don’t come close you might think am not friendly in your first encounter.

“Lots of people relate my quietness to me living celebrity life, but that’s  far from the real facts… I don’t consider my self no where close to a celebrity in my opinion i am just me, am just doing music, he added”.

 He recalled that: back  in the united kingdom where I lived most of my life  celebrities are worshiped they are huge icons and you can’t even go close to them.

“They have the money to back their talent, their royalties alone can sustain them for a life time.

 they live the luxurious life, drive the best cars own private jets and many and have huge investments credited to their names, he said”.

He averred that: over here it’s not the case, most of our celebrities struggle to put up a face to their names and it’s not funny.If we had royaltie laws to guide our craft am sure our statues would change.

He pleaded with the laws of the land to help all the collective bodies to help our arts and entertainment industry.

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