Video: How Many Chapters Are There In Samson? YO! Street Quiz

How well do you know the Holy Bible? as YO Team stormed Achimota Retail Mall to quiz patrons questions of the day.

The just ended Agape Carnival concert 2019 hosted by Akesse Brempong saw YO team stormed Achimota mall venue to asked organizers if really they know their Bible.

Host Abyna Dubai asked patrons “How Many Chapters are there in Samson? Many gave answers to the questions as others revealed the right answer to the question above.

A patron who was quizzed how many chapters are in the book of  Samson affirmed that there are 18, 20, 33 chapters in the Holy Bible.

A follow-up question to chapters in Samson was  “How many colours are there in Rainbow”. The answer to how many colours  are there in Rainbow is “Seven 7”.

The concept behind YO, a versatile online street quiz, is to educate, inform and entertain. In a 2 minute video shared via the Blagogee YouTube Channel.

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