Photos+Videos: Fuse ODG To Add More Schools To Wood Wold Missions In Ghana

UK-based Ghanaian Afro-Pop singer Fuse ODG and Sudanese-born British professional basketball player Luol Deng toured Wood World Missions School at Akosombo in the Eastern Region.

The 3 times MOBO award winner [Fuse ODG] who has acquired a vast land at Akosombo interns to build mores Secondary Schools for the people of Aksomobo.

Touring the school and how it started, Fuse ODG revealed to the two-time NBA All-Star, Luol Deng that the school started as an orphanage and so far has large pupils in the school.

According to him: as a man, I always feel like it is my responsibility to help other people because that is how I live my life. This school started as an orphanage ten years ago and it developed into a primary school”.

Black Entertainment Television [BET] nominee with his companion Luol Deng was excited with the history behind Fuse building a school for the Akosombo as he intends to build more for people.

Known in real life as Nana Richard Abiona [Fuse ODG] disclosed that “I feel like as Africans, our major problem is that we sometimes work individually but it is time for us to link up and work together and that it is why I brought him, Luol Deng, down here. It was very important for him to come down to meet the kids and feel the project”.

He thanked the basketball player for taking time out of his busy schedules to be in Ghana to visit his school and also agreeing to help.

For his part, Luol Ajou Deng said “it is amazing to be here and like Fuse ODG said, it is important to support each other. Flying all the way here, it means I’m ready to support his project and that is what Africans need to do.”

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