Pepsodent Study Reveals 47 Percent Of Children Have Experienced Oral Pain In The Last 12 Months

Ghana’s favourite oral care brand, Pepsodent has released some statistics on oral health based on a research titled ‘The Hidden Impact of Oral Health on Children’s Lives Global Report’ conducted in eight countries including Vietnam, Indonesia, Italy, United States, Egypt, France, Chile and Ghana.

The study revealed that 47% of children that have felt pain in the last 12 months do not always brush their teeth before bed.  However, only 35% of children brushed their teeth day and night.

The research also revealed that 31% of parents allow their children to skip brushing as a reward while only 6% of children visit the dentist for regular check-ups as recommended.  These poor brushing habits among children have in the long term affected their performance at school.

The study also showed that children who suffer from oral pain are nearly twice more likely to opt out of school activities. Be it sports, leisure times, break time, or any school activity at all. These children are usually quiet and distant from the rest of their peers.

Consequently, the study has shown the link between oral pain and a child’s confidence and sense of self-worth. Children who frequently suffer from oral pain are less likely to have high self-esteem.

The study urged health professionals and parents to find a way of inspiring and galvanizing children, so that they brush twice a day not because they are told so, but because they know that it’s what they want to do.

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