I haven’t stolen Okala’s Style – DKB


Ghana’s most influential comedian-DKB has been in the news again for some pictures he released that were alleged to be a style theft from the late Bob Oklala.

The picture showed him costumed in slapstick type style, which is widely attributed to concert party performers.

We reached DKB to know his side of the story and this what he had to say “First of all I would like to put across that I in no way stole from the late legendry Bob Okala, the pictures you saw are part of visual concept for my one man show called Point of view, coming up at the National theatre on Saturday July 9”.

He further added “I find it offensive if you describe it as stealing, anyway, can’t I honour our very own Bob Okala by way of his dressing? Did I pose with the picture that I was Okala and therefore I should be recognized as such? These are some of the reasons why people are passive when it comes to paying homage lest you are called names. I will entreat everyone to make their way to my Point of view show come July 9 so that they get to know my point of view about Ghanaian retrogressive behaviours.

So as clearly spoken, the picture was not stealing of Okala’s style but a visual concept for his upcoming one-man show.

We wish him the best on his show come July 9.

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