Ghana’s Best Fashion Design Learning Institution, Riohs Originate Donates 1000 Free Face Mask

The coronavirus pandemic has changed everything about the way we live our lives.

It’s a dark and frightening period, but Ghana’s topmost Fashion Design School has sought to provide some light by embarking a campaign to distribute 1000 free face masks to the homeless and frontline workers in a bid to stop the spread of the virus.

The objective of the gesture is to provide relief to key institutions that are vulnerable to catching the coronavirus. This is part of our corporate social responsibility to give back to society and for that matter the very own people who are collaborators of our business. As the leading fashion school in Ghana, we have the society at heart.

The Talent Manager, Mr. Richard Ohene Sika indicated that the effect and impact of the pandemic within the last five months in Ghana have been enormous and many businesses have had to halt their operations altogether or for some fold up operations entirely.

He indicated that Riohs Originate had to explore innovative ways of still ensuring that its clients and students continued to enjoy valued uninterrupted teaching service by implementing an E-LEARNING platform. In effect, students of Riohs Originate even though do not physically come to class enjoy an online learning service at the comfort of their homes which have been extremely effective.

Management provided this E-LEARNING as a way of backing government directives on ban on social gathering to slow the spread of the disease while ensuring that students stay on track with their studies.

Mr. Ohene Sika indicated that students have confirmed that the E-LEARNING process is excellent and has improved their experience since the tutorials have been well simplified and also they are able to replay videos over and over to catchup with concepts. The only setback the students have is the extensive use of internet data. Data consumption was a concern for the students but in all this, there is archiving of class activities for students to revisit with their tablets, computers, and phones at their comfort. More importantly, instructors have been tasked to operate a cell group with not less than ten students on WhatsApp platforms to provide guidance and assistance to students.

Mr. Ohene Sika urged institutions and individuals to adhere strictly to the directives provided by the WHO and Ministry of Health as precautionary measures to stop the spread of the pandemic. He indicated that during times, we can only come to together for one purpose of curtailing and halting the spread of the pandemic. He urged institutions within the fashion learning industry to embrace E-LEARNING since the subject matter of coronavirus will stay with us for a while.

In his ending remarks, he mentioned that some trained fashion designers of the school have come together and are ever ready to produce and supply FDA approved locally made standard face mask at reduced prices to any corporate institution.

Riohs Originate Company Limited is known for impacting the lives of many Ghanaians who have chosen Fashion Design as a career. The Company is credited and noted for starting the six (6) months course in Fashion Design and Illustration in the country some ten (10) years ago. The institution has trained notable personalities within the fashion industry both in Ghana and within the West African sub-region who have successfully completed and set up studios providing excellent services to numerous clients. Countless students each year now study creative and visual arts at Riohs Originate since the Company is the preferred Fashion School in Ghana.

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