Developers Share Story Behind Samsung QLED 8K Television

Developers of leading electronic company in Ghana and beyond Samsung has revealed a great story behind the much patronized 8k television dubbed “Samsung 8K QLED Television”.

The patronized television brand currently in Ghana, via their Samsung Newsroom, shared the inspiring stories behind the Samsung 8k QLED tv.

Samsung latest groundbreaking TV mesmerizes viewers with virtually perfect picture quality and sound, Samsung Newsroom sat down with members of the team behind it, including product planners Beomkyun Rha and Jonghyuk Kim, and developers Hyunseung Lee and Sunghwan Jang.

QLED 8K boasts a resolution of 7,680 x 4,320 pixels—16 times more than a full HD (FHD) TV, and four times higher than 4K UHD display.

Developer Hyunseung Lee explained the TV’s added resolution allows detailed in images to be expressed more clearly and creates a sense of reality and depth that keeps you immersed in your content.

“With conventional SD (standard definition) or HD (high definition) displays, when people look closely at depicted images, they can recognize them as a cluster of pixels,” said Lee.

“However, with QLED 8K, the level of resolution is so high that pixels become invisible to the human eye, and viewers become incapable of distinguishing depicted objects from the real thing.”

As fellow developer, Sunghwan Jang noted, however, it’s not just QLED 8K’s sky-high resolution that enables it to provide such textured, realistic images. The TV’s exceptional peak brightness—up to 4,000 nits—allows it to illuminate small details with impeccable precision.

“Bright content is expressed differently in 8K resolution,” said Jang. “Because 8K features four times more pixels than 4K, images, and videos that are brighter and include more detail can be presented more accurately in 8K.”

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