Colour, Picture Quality, Design, Welcome 2019 8K QLED Samsung Tv

For the past 14 years, Samsung has provided patrons with quality services when it comes to their products [Television, Mobile Phones, Refrigerators…] et al.

Brand Samsung has become a household name in Ghana and beyond as they’ve finally unveiled their latest 8k QLED Samsung Television.

Leading Public Relations firm in Ghana Global Media Alliance sent an invite to to partake in the Samsung TV media contest.

On Wednesday, 5th February 2020, 9:30 am at the Stanbic Height Accra, witnessed Head of Television Product of Samsung Ghana, Mr. Benjamin Afrifa, took selected media participants through the 2019 8k QLED Samsung TV.

Review Of 2019 8k QLED Samsung TV’s review on the latest 8k Samsung TV is going to be on the above functions outlined in the headline of the review of the most soldout 8k Television in Ghana.

Mr. Afrifa gave an in-depth of the Samsung QLED 8K as he touched on the Picture Quality, Colour, Design among other mouthwatering specifications that can lead one to patronize the television.

The Samsung 4k QLED and 8K QLED one can see and feel the vast difference between these two products when he or she has it mounted on his or her hall and watching interesting movies, playing games among others.

Samsung 8K QLED TV picture and video quality make one feels they’re part of whatever is been shown on the giant Samsung 8k LED  screen. The color on the screen can be referred to as life is like a rainbow which anyone who patronizes the TV will be elated with what they’ve in their houses.

Unlike other brands with their voice app, the 8K Television comes with a Samsung’s Bixby embedded in the 2019 8k QLED Samsung TV, which one can communicate to the Television as a search engine to find any information with internet-connected to the television.

Samsung TVs also support Apple’s upgraded Wi-Fi audio streaming technology, it also allows customers to stream videos, music, and other content directly to their TV from an Apple device.

What To Expect, Specs of QLED 8K Samsung

I [Blagogee], can’t wait to play my Play Station Game with any of Samsung 8K QLED TV or the 4K QLED TV.

The Samsung 8K QLED TV comes in various inches. Tech Radar rated QLED 8K TV with five stars. As they affirmed that ” The all-around most spectacular we’ve ever tested”.



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