Busy Gives Back To Customers With ‘Busy Network Series’

4G operator Busy, has in line with its strategy to focus on empowering the youth and entrepreneurs said that it will continue to give back to their clients through the monthly ‘Busy Network series’.

The fourth edition of event focused on how SMEs can maximize the use the digital space for marketing purposes  and the growth of the SME sector.

Speaking about the Busy Network series’, Rashidatu Yasmine Abdulai, Head of SME & Enterprise at Busy, stated that the core aim of the network series was to address how SMEs can utilize the digital space.

“The core aim of this initiative is to give back to our customers by addressing some of the key areas about SMEs, like how to utilize the digital space, how they can manage their finances among others.  So far, the event has been exciting. Month on month, the event is growing and I must say the Network Series is here to stay. We at Busy are the next generation 4G operator for SME,” she said.

Commenting on to use digital marketing to support businesses and startups,  Samuel Alangde, Managing Partner of Winloyal Digital, challenged young unemployed Ghanaians who are hoping to create opportunities for themselves to utilize the digital space and harness all the  benefits that comes with it.

“Companies need to be more strategic in their social media campaigns to derive the outmost benefits. Websites are today’s billboards and Youtube today’s TV so it easy to get your company out there. Everyone employed or unemployed, SMEs or corporate organizations need to make use of the digital space, ”  Mr Alangde added.

Ivy Anning, a Digital Strategist urged SMEs to invest money in boosting or sponsoring a post  about their companies on social media. “This together with the use of analytics on the social media platforms can help you get tangible results of what you are putting out there.”

“Don’t stop improving even if you hit an error. Continue testing so you and your company will get better  and evolve as the social media platforms also evolve,” she said.

The Busy Network Series takes place on the last Friday of the month focusing on different sectors of business and topics that have direct impact on the growth of the SMEs in Ghana.

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