Araba Sey Writes About Activating Your Career Choice

In starting up the career you decide on you need to draw a plan which will guide you to lay a good foundation. You need to use the knowledge you’ve acquired in drawing your plan. You need to know and be sure of your starting point.

For a better startup, you can get a mentor or someone experienced in that field to aid you in doing that. You can train with them or at any company to gain some level of experience before starting on your own. It’s very essential to get at least one mentor to guide you through the process.

Always be ready to learn from other people as well and put away pride and ego. Keep building networks or relations with those who have become successful in the field you have chosen.

Besides that look for areas or locations that need your solutions to their problems. Also, think of the nearest available resources. You should work within your means. Most people always look out for bigger things or funds to start up their business or career but you should try to work with what you have or associate with people who support or believe in your dream to facilitate the funds or little you need to start up and maybe pay them later if they want it back.

Sometimes starting big means trying to work above your capabilities or efforts within that period and that may mean or result in you messing up even before your career starts to flourish or before your breakthrough.

As a model, I kickstarted my career a few years back with taking pictures with my phone as my camera and my friend being my photographer using concepts I derived online and putting them up on my social media. That’s how I began branding myself as a model until I had the chance to shoot with a photographer and I also had a mentor who guided me and motivated me.

Sometimes or most often starting small and moving at a gradual pace helps you gain enough experience to help you prepare for the bigger task ahead. Do not be desperate for big things or immediate success at the commencement of your career.

There is a saying that God doesn’t bring or give you something big you can’t handle or something beyond your efforts. Therefore when you bring in the God factor right from the beginning of your career and He gives you something small to start with it only means He is giving you something you can handle from your starting point just to groom and prepare you for greater things He will bring your way at that point where your experience and lessons can handle the bigger things.

A struggle in your career journey with God to the activation of your breakthrough or to your point of success most often than not helps or makes you stay humble even when you are at the top. Sweat and toil spark up some maturity in you in relation to your actions and decisions in your field of work.

Do not miss out on the smallest opportunities that come your way also in your career journey as you begin. They open doors for you to learn or experience more and more importantly they lead you to your breakthrough.

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