Afia Schwarzenger, Prince David Osei Take On Christabel Ekeh Nude Photos

Multitalented Afia Schwargenezer and Ghanaian actor Prince David Osei have shared their take on actress Christabel Ekeh nude photos circulating on social media. 

The onetime radio presenter posted a nude picture of the actress on Instagram with the caption “That moment when u master the act of shitting on a KVIP aka public toilet”.

The actress picture has being circulating on social media platforms for weeks now, which has led fans using vulgar words on her nude post.

Meanwhile, actor David Osei has pleaded with Ghanaians to go on their knees and remember the actress in prayers.According to him, it is clear from the several nude pictures that all is not well with her.

In an Instagram video post, the actor who is currently in the United States of America rebuked all who are happy about Miss Ekeh’s issue.

“It saddens my heart when I see people glorifying others downfall, demise, shame and struggling. I’m not happy with people circulating Christabel’s nude photos on social media.

You don’t know what she is going through. Whether it is someone who has hacked her account or she is doing it herself, we cannot say. You can tell all is not going on well with the sister so rather than circulating her pictures and insulting her, why don’t we pray for her?”, worried David Osei said.

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